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Community Expectations

Because St. Vincent Ferrer School strives to be a faith community, parental cooperation and good parent-teacher relations are essential. As a faith community, our first instinct is to assume that each of us – teachers, parents, guardians, and other caregivers – has the child’s best interest at heart.

While we are as a school excellent in many ways, no one within our community is perfect and problems and misunderstandings will occur. When a problem or disagreement arises, we at St. Vincent Ferrer will make every effort to contact you to clarify the situation. Parents, guardians, and family members who experience problems or are confused with some matter regarding your child’s educational experience are asked to show similar respect by striving first to learn the reasons behind a policy or inquire about the teacher’s or school’s understanding or decision before judging or forming an opinion.

With this in mind, parents and guardians are expected to show the same concern and respect for the staff of St. Vincent Ferrer School, as well as the other children and families in our community. The following behaviors, therefore are unacceptable within our community: We will not tolerate assaults or harassment of a staff member, students or parents. Nor will we tolerate intimidating or verbally abusing by any member of the community – in person or in writing.